OIL MACHINES AT (Simple and Zig-Zag)

OIL MACHINES AT (Simple and Zig-Zag)


To measure out oil and sauces in cans. Dosage by gravity.

AT Simple

  • Oiling machine for cans with oil or “Type AT” sauces, fully made of stainless steel. Operated by two geared motors of 0.33 H.P.
  • Equipped with a control to regulate the flow of oil through a motor pump of 0.50 H.P.
  • Equipped with a sauce mixing device, to be used at will, and moved by an engine of 0.75 H.P. With control system for steam preheating.
  • 200 liter tank. Operated by an electronic speed variator.


Same as above. Forked can conveyor belts for a better penetration of liquids.



Machine measurements:
Length………2.600 mm.
Width………..1.170 mm.
Height……….1.500 mm.