With this continuous automatic machine which is directly fed with the product which is to be filled into the cans, the packing is carried out with one or two sections, at the rate of 20 to 40 cans per minute and with a very reduced staff, thus representing a great saving as to labor.

  • Especially designed for big sizes, i.e. for can diameters of up to 245 mm and a maximum height of up to 130 mm, wheras the cans may adopt a cylindrical, oval or rectangular shape .
  • Given its production in the sizes of 1 to 7 kg, a great reduction of the packing costs is obtained, and the machine allows to fully use the goods to be packed and an excellent presentation.
  • Just like its equivalent machines of our varied range, this one is built on a strong mounting, and top- quality materials are used for its construction: stainless steel while the parts which are in contact with fish are made of debasement plastics.
  • The central lubrication system it is equipped with allows the machine’s lubrication.
  • Its simplified design and its easy access to all of its parts leads to fast and easy cleaning as well as maintenance.
  • Operated by a 4 HP geared motor, according to the desired voltage, and equipped with an electronic converter to regulate speed and other functions.



  • Input of empty cans: horizontal (upon request) or air feeding (by gravity).
  • Shape of the can to be packed: round, oval or rectangular.
  • Production: from 20 to 50 cans/min.
  • Packing diameters: from 127 to 214 mm.
  • Height: up to a maximum height of 130 mm.

Machine measurements:
A (total machine length)……………4,450 mm.
B (height of the packing table)…….2.020 mm.
C (machine width)………………1,790.
D (can output height)…………………1,000.
E (length of the machine’s body)…….3,000 mm.

Approximate net weight: 2,450 kg.