HERFRAGA, S.A. dates back to 1930 when Mr José Fraga Varela established a small traditional garage in Carballo (A Coruña).

In the beginning, cars and machinery in general were repaired (agricultural and timber machinery in particular).

In the 50s its production was directed towards the manufacture of machinery for the canning industry, an activity it still pursues today. It is during that very decade when it is moved to the plant on Poniente Street, 14-16, in Carballo, where it is currently located, and whose installations have been improved and extended in the course of time.

In 1979 it was set up as a limited liability company, while being recorded in the Registry of Companies of A Coruña, volume 984 of the General Section, page 112, sheet C-3656, 1st registration.

The philosophy of HERFRAGA, S.A. has always been to seek flexibility in manufacturing so as to meet the demands of a market such as the canning one which undergoes a constant technological evolution.

Since we have always worked with our own patents and we have constantly kept on innovating and improving our products, the formerly small family business, which has been going for more than 80 years, has become well-known throughout the whole world thanks to the high quality of its machinery, especially the packing machines for tuna fish and other fish. It manufactures as well auxiliary equipment such as oil and salt machines, conveyor belts, etc.


With an in-house staff of 33 employees, currently it has an average manufacturing capacity of 30 packing machines a year.

Since 1961, when the first packing machine was patented, up to now, more than 1,500 packing machines have been produced; in addition to other machines and various fittings.